America:1994 is an alternate historical scenario where nuclear weapons are developed much earlier in World War II, and thus nuclear stockpiles are larger and attitudes towards the proliferation and detonation of nuclear weapons are much more impulse-driven and relaxed. Furthermore, China becomes a nuclear superpower in addition to the USSR and the United States. In late fall of 1952, the Yellowstone Volcano in Yellowstone National Park explodes, sending the United States into chaos and depositing a blanket of ash multiple feet thick across the continental US, isolating the west from the east. Seeing the enormous opportunity, China and the USSR decided to invade North America together, but some complications with the two countries lead to skirmishing on the Manchuria-Russian border. These small skirmishes turn into a full-on offensive by the USSR into China, and on December 12, 1952, the world is forever changed as nuclear warheads are fired onto many locations across the world. What remains in the United States is the last vestige of old world governments competing with newer nations in a complex political sphere that sees tensions coming to a head after NORAD is discovered in the early 1990s.

America: 1994 The Role playing Game